What It Means

When planning any trip, I’ve always found blogs more helpful than sites dedicated to travel. Blogs were more personal, more on my level, telling me exactly what I needed to see and know about a place rather than only showing me the good stuff. Some blogs told me where to take which train, exactly how much bus fare would cost, which turn to take on a street, or what landmark to look out for. Some blogs told me it wasn’t worth seeing this place and would instead direct me to a place much better and less crowded. Some blogs recommended eating here and not there, and warned me about the potentially unforgiving weather.

I was never one to leave comments, really, but I was and am still very much grateful to all those people who took the time to detail out their experiences for everyone else to take note of. I wanted to do the same and offer my help if I could to a lost would-be traveler.

That, and I thought it was high time I ran a blog again. Hee.

So this is what it means. I’m moving in. Fresh and blank with a snazzy simple layout.

Hopefully what I do end up writing will be of service to at least one reader! It would be the utmost compliment that I was able to make someone’s trip a wee bit more fun and memorable.

Cheers to a prosperous September.


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