A Crystal Universe | Tokyo

Trust the Japanese to come up with such gorgeous exhibits.


Tokyo’s Team Lab came up with this beautiful exhibit called Crystal Universe. It ran for a limited time at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo from 21 August to 27 September (and for free!) and we managed to catch it on its second to the last day. And maaaaaan, was it beautiful. I could have stayed there all day just watching the lights change. Team Lab’s page describes it as follows:

By installing LED’s in three-dimensional space, it is possible to create a real time interactive moving 3D art work. Using teamLab’s original Interactive 4D Vision, the Crystal Universe interactive installation art work, consists of a seemingly infinite number of light particles positioned in three-dimensional space.

The Viewer of the art work can enter and walk around in the three-dimensional light space. When the viewer enters the space they will cause a change that will affect the lights in the entire space, and that change will continue to cause change indefinitely. While the light continues to change across the entire universe space, the universe that the viewer causes change in will constantly be created with the viewer at its center.

Whilst the universe continues to be created the viewer at the center of the universe becomes one with the light and body of the universe.

Read more about it here and here.


You could walk around the little aisle they set up and basically interact with the exhibit via a special app while you’re there. It’s pretty dramatic, given how the light sequences change and there’s music playing and it feels like you’re out of this world and you’ve stepped into a nebula and in a matter of seconds you’re whizzing past innumerable stars and galaxies. I don’t think any form of art installation can top this in my book any time in the near future, because maaaaaaaaan, I adored this. Go, Japan.

Photos were taken with an iPhone // post-processed in Photoshop


5 thoughts on “A Crystal Universe | Tokyo

  1. Chai says:

    Sooo pretty! I love Japan and all their exhibits. There’s actually this exhibit that I’d love to go to (Ninagawa Mika x Sumida Aquarium), but impossible for me since I can’t just fly to Japan on a whim. One day though!

    • carlalovestea says:

      True! Japan wins in so many things. They’re incredibly creative people. I myself want to see the polka-dotted pumpkins of Yayoi Kusama too! The Ninagawa Mika x Sumida Aquarium collab looks so cool! (Had to google it too, heh.) I hope you get to go soon, Chai! You’ll love love love Japan! 🙂

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